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The CRPT is serious about our investigations but is also a very social group. Our team enjoys spending time together just having fun as well as participating in community events to help people gain an understanding of the paranormal. Check out the highlights of some of our extra-curricular and/or media activities below!




 CRPT featured in Charles Adams III Book



An excerpt from pages 171 – 175 of Charles J. Adams III new book Berks and Schuylkill Counties Ghost Stories. Published by Exeter House Books 2011.

One of the iconic structures in downtown Mahanoy City is the classical Elks Lodge. Built in 1906 and used as a movie theater in its earliest years, the building boasted the biggest and busiest banquet halls in town.

Some of the most ambitious and elegant affairs ever held in town played out behind its broad arched gateway.

Much of the social and fraternal activity in the Elks Lodge has passed into history. But, according to paranormal researchers, the building still teems with the energies those celebrants left behind in eternal imprints.

That revelation came from none other than Richard S. Rozell, an Elk, a Mason ... and an investigator with the Coal Region Paranormal Team (CRPT).

Through his efforts and interest, the entire CRPT gained access to the eerie innards of the venerated landmark.

And, through CRPT co- founder Karen Borusiewicz, I present the group's statement that reports their findings and conclusions regarding the fundamental question: Is the Elks Lodge haunted?

"Reports of paranormal activity abound at this location," Borusiewicz said." She noted that those reports have included tales of a piano that "plays itself' in the long- shuttered members' bar, shadowy forms seen in I he dining room near the spot where a past president died, and the lingering aroma of flowers in another room.

Further, witnesses have spoken of the party- like sounds in the former social hall on the second floor.

The third floor has yielded accounts of the stench of burning wood-in an area that had been repaired after a fire several years ago.

The CRPT's Rozell was president of the lodge at the time of this writing. According to Borusiewicz, he suggested the Elks Lodge as an investigative site "hoping to find validation of his belief that buildings from fraternal organizations
such as the Elks, Masons, or Knights of Columbus frequently have paranormal activity because of the loyalty and devotion the members have to their
respective organization."

After several probes of the Elks Lodge, Rozell said, "We weren't disappointed at the level of activity. Elk members are dedicated individuals and the building is the center of most lodge activity. Some of the older members can be found in the building socializing from morning till evening. If they almost live in the building while alive, why shouldn't they stay after they die?"

Karen Borusiewicz noted that there is always a blend of personal experiences as well as activity that provide more tangible evidence of the presence of spirits. "From answers to questions captured by fluctuations in EMF and/or temperature readings to EVPs that seem to provide appropriate answers to direct questions, the Mahanoy City Elks always proves to be an exciting investigative site.

"In fact, during one CRPT investigation a female team on the second floor reported feelings of dread while sitting in what was once a 'men's only' area of the social hall.

"A perceived drop in temperature was validated by digital thermometer and then followed by an unexplainable temperature rise of eight degrees-in an unheated portion of the building."

Technical data and details aside, the CRPT did consider and respect the traditions of the Elks.

One of those rituals is an 11 p.m. toast that remembers and honors those members who have passed. The ritual is carried out with these sentiments:

You have heard the tolling of eleven strokes. This is to remind you that with Elks, the hour of eleven has a tender significance. Wherever Elks may roam, whatever their lot in life may be, when this hour falls upon the dial of night, the great
heart of Elkdom swells and throbs. It is the golden hour of recollection, the homecoming of those who wander, the mystic roll call of those who will come no more. Living or dead, an Elk is never forgotten, never forsaken. Morning and noon may pass them by, the light of day sink heedlessly into the west. But ere the shadows of midnight shall fall, the chimes of memory will be pealing forth the friendly message: To our absent members!

Rozell actually arranged a paranormal investigation that coincided with the eleventh hour toast.

"At the conclusion of the ceremony," Borusiewicz noted, "the team on the third floor (the original lodge room) was rewarded with several 'hits' of increased activity on their EMF meters.

"That was immediately followed by electronic devices all over the building being drained. It continued until the building finally went silent ... quiet as a tomb."

Left stunned by the burst of energies, Borusiewicz pondered its possible meaning.

"Was this activity a response to the call for all members to honor those whom have passed to the other side-from those members themselves?

"While we may not be able to prove it, members of the CRPT believe that that the Elks of Mahanoy City are just making sure that they are never forgotten."


         Patriot News Article by Allison Dougherty


Ghost hunting venture can't spook my adventurous spirit

Friday, November 19, 2010

My childhood had a theme: Now that's an idea, let's try that.

Some of my parents' ideas were worse than others, such as the Thanksgiving dinner we ate in a park in the Missouri Ozarks -- we lived in St. Louis at the time. Not one of their better plans.

Mother wrapped the turkey in foil. Dad packed the camp stove and my 3-year-old brother and I ate lumps of icy potatoes -- the Ozarks can be wicked cold in November -- with plastic forks off paper plates. Mother said we were just like the Pilgrims. I was 4. I believed every word of it.

When I was 13, my parents talked about selling everything, buying a bigger sailboat and raising us on the water somewhere in the Caribbean. I envisioned my eighth-grade dance reduced to Mother training the beam of a flashlight on a disco ball hung from the ship's rigging, while my father searched a static-filled radio for Donna Summer. I was terrified they'd do it; they didn't.

My son, Frank, has a list a things I've come up with that he questions. Such as the time about 10 years ago Frank sat in the backseat of the car while my sister, Molly, and I drove around Mechanicsburg, using a Magic 8-Ball for directions. Should we go left? Ask again later.

Because of my willingness to try nearly anything, when Dave Byerly, a New Cumberland resident and a member of the Coal Region Paranormal Team, said I could attend one of the team's ghost hunts, I jumped -- and then called everyone I knew.

Lucky and Barry Sipe have lived in their Goldsboro home for about 25 years. Lucky said people have witnessed an unplugged electric organ play itself, seen unexplained apparitions and experienced a variety of other possible ghostly events.

The Coal Region Paranormal Team, plus me, started the investigation of the Sipe's house around 7:30 p.m. last Saturday. The team uses still photography, video cameras, audio recorders and other equipment to note changes, and possible abnormalities, in the environment.

I didn't see ghosts at the Sipe's home. I've been told actually seeing a ghost is rare. But a black mist floating near the ceiling of the dining-room and a white mist rising from the ground outside the house appeared in two of the team's photographs. They're creepy pictures.

Some ghost hunters theorize that ghosts create changes in electromagnetic fields, and a K2 meter, which measures electromagnetic emissions, will respond to the presence of a ghost.

The team will spend the next few days reviewing their photos and recordings from Saturday, but they said no one really knows if what they captured, or experienced, was caused by ghosts.

Ghosts or no ghosts, I had the best time with the nicest group of people on Saturday. Do I need to mention that more than one of my family members wishes they could've gone, too?

CRPT photos and comments:

This image was captured in an area outside the home where shadow figures have been seen to move by windows. Investigator Dave actually saw an apparition that night emerging from the root cellar which, unfortunately, was not captured on film or video.

The CRPT uses standard and full spectrum cameras to capture images across all wavelengths from ultraviolet through infrared. Investigator Rich caught this black mist in a downstairs room of the home using UV photography. In the next picture taken with standard flash you will see that the image was not visible to the naked eye.

The CRPT thanks Lucky Sipe for inviting us into her home and Allison Dougherty for joining us on the investigation and writing about her experience. It was an amazing night for evidence (our full report is pending but, wow, the K-II EMF meter interaction we had was AWESOME!) and for feeling as though we made great connections and accomplished something worthwhile!


Phoenix Rehabilitation and Health Services, Inc.
Annual Block Party

September 22, 2010
What is more fitting for a group of ghost hunters than a windy, rainy night filled with the spark of lightening and a sense of impending.... FUN! The CRPT was a featured guest at the Annual Block Party held at Phoenix Physical Therapy in Shamokin. This yearly event is sponsored as a thank you to the community and features lots of good times - they had a blow up slide for the kids and golf! - as well as offers local people a chance to strut their stuff. There were crafters and party planners and lots of good food from other local organizations.

Mother Nature decided to make a show at this event too - when you are popular, you sure are popular! What started as a sunny evening moved quickly to gray skies and wind and the threat of severe storms. Luckily ghost hunters always come prepared and we were under a large canopy when the torrential downpours started! Quick thinking by the group put our canopy at half mast and we weathered the storm quite dry and with all our gear intact! Some others were not so fortunate and unfortunately the event ended early. Such a shame for all of the planning and effort put out by the folks at Phoenix. They really put their all into making this night one for the whole community and are to be applauded (CRPT is still clapping!). Thanks for including us and letting us share information about the paranormal and our service to the community!

Here are a few photos of our booth taken during setup

Pictured below is one of our basket winners, Colm. Congratulations!

Check back to see what we are up to!



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