About the CRPT

 CRPT was started in 2010 although the Core Team has investigated together for almost 10 years. Our members have had training in basic and advanced ghost hunting techniques, and several hold certification in paranormal investigating with the International Ghost Hunter Society. Our members have collectively participated in over 300 investigations of the paranormal!


Our Message To You

The CRPT investigates reports of paranormal phenomenon with a strong desire to find  validation for reported activity. Our focus is on maintaining an open mind as to the possibility of life after death while remaining skeptical of the origin of reported phenomenon. Our ultimate goal is to help those experiencing activity that may be paranormal in nature gain an understanding of what may be occurring so that they can feel comfortable in their own home or business.

The CRPT welcomes comment from other paranormal investigators and works hard to maintain a professional relationship with other groups. We would love the opportunity to work with teams with similar interests and goals

All members of the CRPT work under a membership agreement and Code of Conduct designed to provide our clients with the highest level of professional conduct and service. To view our standards click


                                Notable sites include:

Mansfield University

Townside Garden Cafe

Tillie Pierce

Montour County
Court House

Danville CATV Office

Mahanoy City Elks

Tamaqua Elks

Rolling Hills Asylum

Fort Mifflin

Bollton Mansion

The Old Sunbury Opera House

Rolling Hill Asylum

* Milton Elks

Pennhurst Asylum

Bloomsburg Library

plus many more local homes, businesses, schools, and public buildings




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