The CRPT investigates a wide range of paranormal phenomenon ranging from traditional and residual haunting to poltergeist activity to demonic infestations. Our goal is to provide confidential and professional consultation in order to validate or debunk the presence of entities. We also hope to help those involved gain a greater level of understanding of the paranormal and to learn how to co-exist with spirit energies.

How Do I Request An Investigation?
If you believe that your home, business, or other location is a site of paranormal activity contact CRPT (just click on the name). You usually will receive a response within 48-72 hours. Situations that involve threatening activity will be given preference. An interview by phone and/or in person will be necessary prior to the investigative. Typically an investigator will visit your location to obtain a detailed history of your experiences and to tour the site in order to determine what size team and what equipment will be needed for the investigation.

What Should I Expect During the Investigation?
When the investigative team arrives at your location they will bring a lot of equipment. The size of the team depends on the size of your location and how much area will need to be covered. If the location allows, an area will be designated as our command center and this is where we will all meet to hear the details of the activity in your own words. A tour of the "hot spots" is helpful before the team disperses out.

Our investigative team will include several field investigators skilled in the collection of evidence using standard and experimental "ghost hunting" equipment.

Ghost investigations can be quite boring. We spend a lot of time in total darkness and in quiet. When spirits are active, however, it can be quite exciting. We encourage individuals who schedule the investigation to join as part of the team, although the level of participation is up to you. We will takes lots (did I say lots?) of pictures and video, so you will want to watch your eyes so as to not be blinded by the flash!! We will also collect audio recordings. Most investigations will last a minimum of 3 to 4 hours and the time spent depends on your preference as well as the level and type of activity found.

What Type of Equipment Will be Used?
CRPT uses standard and experimental investigative equipment ranging from simple devices like compasses and dowsing rods to more advanced tools. Listed below are devices that we commonly work with in an effort to document the presence of paranormal activity.

 Digital Cameras - standard, Infrared, Full Spectrum

Digital Video Recorders - standard, infrared

Digital Voice Cameras

Digital Thermometers

Electromagnetic Field Detectors - variety of EMF meter types

Ghost Box Digital Communicator


Haunted Trigger Object Detection System

 Laser Grid

How Much Does It Cost?
Services provided by the CRPT are free. We do this because we have a strong interest in learning more about the paranormal and in helping others. We strongly believe that if someone wants to charge you to investigate your home or location that you should look elsewhere for assistance. We do, however, gratefully accept the provision of snacks/drinks as investigations run several hours. This is NOT a mandatory offering, however, and whether or not a snack is provided has no bearing on our acceptance of a request for assistance.

Will You Tell Me What You Find?
Absolutely yes! We sometimes have evidence that we can show you at the time of the investigation. Investigators may also have personal experiences that help substantiate the reported activity of the location and, although these experiences cannot validate the presence of spirits, we will share them with you as well. It takes hours to review the evidence that is collected during an investigation, but once the review is complete we will let you know our findings. As most of our members hold full-time jobs this may take 1-2 weeks!

Unlike many other paranormal investigators we prepare a report for our clients and provide copies of evidence! provide copies of evidence!

What Other Services Are Offered By the CRPT?
CRPT provides more than just investigations of the paranormal. Members are available to speak about paranormal investigations at both public and private organizations. If you are interested in scheduling a speaking engagement featuring the CRPT please contact us for more details.

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