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Other Sites of Interest

.International Ghost Hunters Society - Drs. Dave and Sharon Oester of the IGHS offer free membership in the largest (11,480 members) and one of the oldest Ghost Hunting Societies on the Internet. Listen to over 1,000 ghost voices and view their collection of ghost photos on the Internet. The IGHS offers certification classes in the paranormal and many on-line resources.


Vortex Ghost Gear by Bob Christopher of NEPA Paranormal and Ghost Detectives. I own some of Bob's equipment and have used other pieces. His illuminators work better than my Phantom and Sony devices - I highly recommend them. His geophone is one of the best, if not the best, made pieces to be found. If you are going to invest in equipment - spend your money wisely and check out this site!

Ghost Detectives films and produces all of their own material, and present a professional, family oriented show that educates and entertains the viewers. Their philosophy is simple, they believe nothing comes easy and with hard work anything is possible. Ghost Detectives utilizes new technologies that are developed by Bob Christopher, co-founder and lead investigator of NEPA Paranormal. Ghost Detectives want to stand out and present a family atmosphere as well as be innovators in the field of paranormal research.