There are many more questions than answers when you study the paranormal. Media portrayals of ghosts and haunting contain some elements of truth but certainly sensationalize paranormal activity. Read on to learn more about the world of spirits...




A true haunting occurs when an individual does not pass over to the other side for a variety of reasons. Haunts, or ghost, maintain the same personality they had when they were alive which explains why some ghosts are friendly while others are mischievous or even cranky and mean. Traditional haunting are characterized by intelligent interactions with the entity.


Independent Investigator Dan Bechtel offers the following description as a means of understanding what is like to be a ghost: "Imagine yourself being dead. You can see and hear everything happening around you but cannot interact. You can't speak, and you can't communicate. In order to do anything, you need to absorb energy from any source you can to be able to knock over a glass or flicker lights. Most times, these presences do not want to scare you. They simply are trying to communicate. They want you to acknowledge them."


It has been proven, using conventional science, that when our bodies experience trauma, we release energy. Because energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only changed from one form to another, we as investigators search for that energy




Spirit energy may manifest in several different forms, the most popular of which are orbs, ectoplasm, and apparitions.


Orbs are balls of light and represent the weakest manifestation of spirit energy. Many contend that orbs are reflections of a camera shutter on a photo, or dust, rain, or even insects. Yet photos taken in complete dark and with no flash using technology that capture light in the infrared spectrum capture orbs... Colored orbs are also seen and are thought to reflect energy from strong emotions.


Ectoplasm looks like smoke or steam and is a free floating mist-like manifestation of spirit energy seen when an entity is trying to gather enough energy to show him or her self.


Apparitions may be full or partial body in form and appear as human in some way. Crisis apparitions may appear to warn family members or close friends of potential danger or to convey a message. An example of a crisis apparition would be seeing your grandfather at your bedside during the night and having him tell you he loves you, only to find out the next morning that he passed on during the night at the same time you woke to his presence!




Residual haunting are not intelligent haunting. They can most easily be described as similar to an old film loop that plays over and over and over again. Entities in a residual haunting do not interact with people or the environment. If you have ever heard of people seeing battles at Gettysburg play out right before their eyes you have heard the story of someone who witnessed a residual haunting.




Although the word poltergeist means "noisy ghosts" poltergeist activity is triggered by a living person and utilizes psychokinetic energy. The typical poltergeist involves an adolescent female who does not consciously cause or direct the activity. Stress is often the trigger for the energy release and counseling is sought to resolve the issue.




The term demon comes from the Latin word "deamon" which means evil or unclean. Demons are fallen angels and followers of Lucifer from the Old Testament of the Bible. These entities were never human. Ouija Boards, sťances, and the practice of black magic are some ways that demonic entities enter this world. When the demonic are encountered a religious intervention with a specially trained demonologist is needed.


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