Randomly selected photos, EVPs, and video clips can be found on dedicated pages on this site. If you are interested in a full "reveal" and not just evidence highlights, then this is the page you will want to review! The CRPT obtains written releases from all clients that clearly identify what, if any, evidence can be shared on our site and how it can be identified.

Case GD-MU20607813
 with Ghost Detectives

Case GD-207081311
with Ghost Detectives

Case GD-MCH-0612
with Ghost Detectives

Case MCCH-063012
with CCN TV

Rolling Hills Asylum
with SOS Paranorma

Case CATV-082512
with CCN TV

Case RR-20101030

Mansfield University North Hall

Case RGSP090713
Ricketts Glen State Park

Case AB092013

Case TE-080611

Case KK-041312

Case LS-2010-11-13

Case TN-21111

Case CL-042812

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