The Coal Region Paranormal Team, or CRPT, originates from the anthracite coal region of central Pennsylvania and has members located throughout the region and surrounding communities. Our membership includes persons from every walk of life. All share a common interest in the paranormal and have a desire to help others who are experiencing, or possibly experiencing, paranormal phenomenon.

The CRPT sets as its mission a goal of studying the paranormal from a scientific perspective in order to promote a greater understanding of the afterlife for those affected by paranormal phenomenon.

what we do

The CRPT provides professional and confidential consultations on matters of the paranormal. If you are interested in any of the following be sure to contact us here .

Free consultation regarding paranormal activity in your home or business.

Educational presentations on paranormal investigating for your group or association

See our Services page for more details on all of the above. For information on how you can be considered for membership in the CRPT see our Members page




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